Vocalic space: socio-materiality and sonic spatiality

Revill, George (2017). Vocalic space: socio-materiality and sonic spatiality. In: Nieuwenhuis, Marijn and Crouch, David eds. The Question of Space. New York: Rowman and Littlefield, pp. 43–62.


This chapter looks at the ways in which social and cultural theory might provide a set of resources for theorising sonic spatiality. This is worked through the specific example of the spatiality of voice conceptualised through Steven Connor’s (2000) conception of ‘vocalic space’. Social and cultural theory has had relatively little to say about music and even less to say about the sound itself or the qualities of distinctively sonic experience and its associated sonic realm or sonic spatiality. Drawing on this work in the context of more recent theorising by Dollar, Labelle, Nancy, Born and others this chapter argues that the sonic provides a rich terrain for thinking through spatiality.

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