Understanding Migrant Decisions: From Sub-Saharan Africa to the Mediterranean Region

Gebrewold, Belachew and Bloom, Tendayi eds. (2016). Understanding Migrant Decisions: From Sub-Saharan Africa to the Mediterranean Region. Routledge.

URL: https://www.routledge.com/Understanding-Migrant-De...


Considering how changing conditions across the Mediterranean have affected the migration decisions of those from Sub-Saharan Africa to or through that Region, this book represents an important and overdue contribution to international policy-making and academic discourse. Putting individual decision-making at centre stage without neglecting household or group considerations, this volume establishes migration as an evolving process; information available at the time of initial decision-making may be inaccurate or non-decisive and as conditions or knowledge develop, migration strategies may change. Both the events in the Mediterranean Region and migration decision-making from Sub-Saharan Africa must be considered as part of an increasingly complex global system not encompassed by one simplified theory or by looking at one regional context in isolation. This book highlights the need to explore why individual people are moving and how they decide upon which routes to take, and presents an interdisciplinary and multi-dimensional approach to this exploration. Including chapters that move between traditional academic disciplines, with expertise from academia, international and local organisations, and first-hand migration experience, this book contributes a new approach that, it is hoped, will stimulate more informed debate and policy that promotes safer travel options, or makes genuine alternatives to migration available.

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