Le Corbusier Peintre a Cap Martin

Benton, Tim (2015). Le Corbusier Peintre a Cap Martin. Paris: Editions du Patrimoine.

URL: https://www.editions-du-patrimoine.fr/Librairie/Ho...


In 1938 Le Corbusier painted two murals in the villa E-1027, designed by Eileen Gray and Jean Badovici. In 1939 he returned and painted five more. This was with the approval of the owner of the house, Jean Badovici. Eileen Gray does not seem to have been aware of the murals until they were published after the war. At this point, Badovici changed his mind and condemned the murals as spoiling the aesthetic intention of the design. In this book I try to explain why Le Corbusier painted these murals, after arguing against such paintings throughout the 1920s and 1930s. I set the paintings into the context of Le Corbusier's frustrations during the late 1930s, which included his failure to impose his ideas for the 1937 exhibition in Paris, his lack of work and the lukewarm reception of the exhibition of his paintings in Zurich in January 1938. I comment also on the controversy caused by Beatriz Colomina's article 'War on Architecture' (also entitled 'Battle Lines' and query the factual basis of her argument. The book was awarded the Grand prix du Livre de la Mediterrannee.

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