A Bayesian mixture model for term re-occurrence and burstiness

Sarkar, Avik; Garthwaite, Paul and De Roeck, Anne (2005). A Bayesian mixture model for term re-occurrence and burstiness. In: Ninth Conference on Computational Language Learning (CoNLL), 29-30 Jun 2005, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

URL: http://acl.ldc.upenn.edu/W/W05/W05-0607.pdf


This paper proposes a model for term reoccurrence in a text collection based on the gaps between successive occurrences of a term. These gaps are modeled using
a mixture of exponential distributions. Parameter
estimation is based on a Bayesian framework that allows us to fit a flexible model. The model provides measures of a term’s re-occurrence rate and withindocument burstiness. The model works for all kinds of terms, be it rare content
word, medium frequency term or frequent function word. A measure is proposed to account for the term’s importance based on its distribution pattern in the corpus.

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