Gender differences in imagery, cognition, and memory

Richardson, John T. E. (1991). Gender differences in imagery, cognition, and memory. In: Logie, R. H. and Denis, M. eds. Mental Images in Human Cognition. Advances in Psychology, 80. Amsterdam: Elsevier, pp. 271–303.


Publisher Summary

Men and women probably have been alleged to differ from each other in all areas of psychological functioning at some time or another and mental imagery is no exception to this. This chapter describes some of the major research issues that are raised when seeking to compare men and women in terms of their cognitive function. The chapter reviews the main theoretical positions that tend to be adopted in this field. In trying to achieve some sort of coherent synoptic view of the relevant literature, the chapter considers four different ways of conceptualizing mental imagery: (a) as a phenomenal experience, (b) as an internal representation, (c) as a stimulus attribute, and (d) as a mnemonic strategy. The chapter emphasizes that this is simply a didactic device that is not intended to have any specific theoretical implications.

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