Continuing professional development

Grant, Janet (2004). Continuing professional development. In: Van Zwanenberg, Tim and Harrison, Jamie eds. Clinical governance in primary care. Abingdon, UK: Radcliffe Medical Press.



About the book: this second edition of "Clinical Governance in Primary Care" extends and amplifies the principles outlined in the first edition. Enabling readers to apply clinical governance in their workplace as individuals and as workplace or practice teams, it provides a description of clinical governance in primary care by a panel of renowned leading contributors - based on practical examples on how clinical governance functions in Primary Care Trusts and teams. Additional chapters to this edition include ones on information management, team-work and clinical governance.
Part 1: Setting the scene
Clinical governance: a quality concept
Clinical governance in primary care
Clinical governance in action - in a PCT
Clinical governance in action - in a practice
Part 2: The components of clinical governance
What are patients looking for?
Evidence-based practice
Dissemination and implementing evidence-based practice Quality improvement process
Appropriate use of data
Managing information
Reducing risk and promoting safety in primary care Significant event auditing
Lessons from complaints
Tackling poor performance
Continuing professional development
Developing leaders
Developing teamwork
Part 3:
Exploring the future
Educating the coming generation
The end of certainty: professionalism re-visited
Implementing clinical governance

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