RE-PROVO: an evaluation of gamification in a law enforcement organization

Alexandrova, Assia; Rapanotti, Lucia and Horrocks, Ivan (2016). RE-PROVO: an evaluation of gamification in a law enforcement organization. In: Proceedings of the Workshop on Fictional Game Elements 2016 (Rapp, Amon; Cena, Federica; Hopfgartner, Frank; Hamari, Juho and Linehan, Conor eds.), Austin, Texas.



Government organizations rely extensively on legacy systems for their operations. When such systems are phased out, the new applications which replace them often replicate legacy functionality unnecessarily, resulting in inefficiencies and missed opportunities for innovation. A prototype of an online discussion game designed to promote the analysis and critique of functional requirements for legacy system replacement and encourage creativity, was evaluated in a local law enforcement agency. The preliminary findings of the evaluation are discussed, and the potential effects of gamification on the future of organizational communications and decision-making are considered.

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