D2.1 Design, progress and evaluation of the Prinzessinnengarten pilot (version 1)

Unteidig, Andreas; Dominguez-Cobreros, Blanca; Calderon-Lünig, Elizabeth; Heilgemeir, Anna; Clausen, Marco and Davies, Gareth (2016). D2.1 Design, progress and evaluation of the Prinzessinnengarten pilot (version 1). The MAZI Consortium.

URL: http://www.mazizone.eu/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/...


The objective of this deliverable is to report on the design, progress and evaluation of the MAZI pilot conducted in Berlin by the Design Research Lab of Berlin University of the Arts and Common Grounds e.V.

The report first provides an outline to the context, the design approaches and the main actors. The section thus describes the departure point, from which the team initially started to develop the pilot project.

Following this, a detailed description of the progress is being delivered. For this, an updated description of the pilots circumstances and context is being provided, followed by an overview about implications of these updates to the pilot plan. The section then proceeds to describe the design process as conducted in the reporting phase.

The report then concludes with an evaluation of this progress, for which the first deployment of the prototype is being reflected and further steps in its development are indicated. The section also describes a set of learnings, questions and challenges, that emerged from the pilot process and appear relevant for the project at large.

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