Leadership and Vision

Simons, Joan and Lomax, Helen (2013). Leadership and Vision. In: MacKian, Sara and Simons, Joan eds. Leading, Managing, Caring. Abingdon: Routledge in association with The Open University, pp. 61–88.

URL: https://www.routledge.com/Leading-Managing-Caring-...


Leadership is increasingly defined within theory and policy as an activity which is central to all staff at all levels, and one which is increasingly allied to the modernisation and transformation of health and social care services. For Max Landsberg (2002), the essence of leadership is the ability to create vision, inspiration and momentum in a group of people. This chapter therefore builds on the discussion about contemporary management in Chapter 2, by exploring the relationships between leadership and vision and what they mean for managers, aspiring managers and practitioners in health and social care.
The imperative to transform and improve services reflects recent developments in leadership theory. There is a growing belief that the potential for leadership can be developed in a range of people and distributed throughout organisations, thereby fostering collaborative and integrative working to inform and contribute to an overall organisational vision (Ferlie and Shortell, 2001). This is mirrored in health and social care strategy in which the importance of identifying, nurturing and promoting talent and leadership at all levels is increasingly prioritised (Botting, 2011).

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