A Comparison of MOOC Development and Delivery Approaches

Smith, Neil; Richards, Mike; Caldwell, Helen and Bandara, Arosha (2017). A Comparison of MOOC Development and Delivery Approaches. In: Childs, Mark and Soetanto, Robby eds. Online Learning for STEM Subjects: International Examples of Technologies and Pedagogies in Use. Routledge.

URL: https://www.routledge.com/Online-Learning-for-STEM...


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The Global Collaboration initiatives related in this book are examples of how educators have experimented with different mechanisms to provide science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education programmes through information and communication technologies. In many cases, these programmes have looked at the allied personal communication and collaboration skills that students of these subjects also need: the so-called STEM+ curriculum.

In particular, these approaches to STEM+ provision show how the internationalization of education can be made more effective and accessible through the exploitation of collaborative technologies and non-traditional pedagogies. The approaches address the following themes:

technologies for distance learning and collaboration

pedagogies for online learning

remote communication and collaboration

An international perspective is made possible within the book through the inclusion of authors from North America, Europe and Asia. These authors present case studies from technology-enhanced learning projects over the past six years.

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