Traceability and AOSD - From Requirements to Aspects

van der Linden, Janet; Laney, Robin and Thomas, Pete (2006). Traceability and AOSD - From Requirements to Aspects. In: Early Aspects, Conference for Aspect Oriented Software Development (AOSD'06), 20-24 Mar 2006, Bonn, Germany.



The traceability question is addressed through the development of a framework to go from requirements to aspects using the Design by Contract methodology. It is demonstrated that by starting at the requirements stage, and specifying an early aspect in the same semi-formal language as the system's existing requirements, we have the basis from which to design the aspects at the implementation stage. The language of pre- and post-conditions is shown to match closely that of aspects, in that pre-conditions match the aspect's pointcut, and the post-condition matches the advice part of the aspect. This thus gives us traceability from 'early aspects' to 'late aspects'. This approach will shed some light on the relationship between requirements and their refinements to pre- and post conditions, and the traceability of requirements in the face of reuse over time. The addition of a new crosscutting requirement is investigated in terms of the framework, demonstrating the relationship between early and late aspects and traceability. The framework promises to help with the design of the late aspects. We propose the concept of relevancy: information in a requirement beyond its specification as pre- and post-conditions, as a way of identifying join points.

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