Culture, Identity and Intense Performativity. Being in the Zone

Jordan, Tim; McClure, Brigid and Woodward, Kath eds. (2017). Culture, Identity and Intense Performativity. Being in the Zone. Innovations in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Creative Arts, 4. London: Routledge.



This collection of work on 'being in the zone' (bitz) highlights the social and cultural dimensions of a phenomenon, which has hitherto been largely the focus of psychological, individualised explanations, by bringing together case studies from music, cultural work and sport.We draw upon Mihály Csíkszentmihályi's ideas about flow to develop different psychosocial, cultural and sociological approaches to bitz ranging from sporting performances which assume qualities of timelessness and harmonies between actors and context, work experiences when everything comes together to the synergies between language and music in the performance of jazz and the intensities of viola playing. The volume provides innovative theoretical frameworks for making sense of collective experiences, whether as practitioners or spectators and the possibilities and democratic promise of social and cultural understandings of the zone.

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