CCD QE in the Soft X-ray Range

Moody, Ian; Watkins, Marc; Bell, Ray; Soman, Matthew; Keelan, Jonathan and Holland, Andrew (2017). CCD QE in the Soft X-ray Range. e2v Technologies.



e2v has previously provided back-illuminated CCDs for several solar observation projects, resulting in a number of key articles on CCD QE in the soft X-ray region. To update these, e2v has arranged for tests on X-ray optimised EMCCDs at a synchrotron. These have shown QE of at least 45% from 40 eV to 2000 eV, with Enhanced process devices having significantly higher QE than Basic process. The measured values were similar to data published from the SDO SXI mission, showing that the e2v process has been stable over many years.
The soft X-ray QE measurements show a reasonable fit to the simple layer model for energies > 600 eV. For energies < 100 eV, measurements show slightly lower QE than the model prediction for both Basic and Enhanced processes. For energies 100 eV to 600 eV, measurements show a reasonable fit to the model for the Basic process, but less improvement from the Enhanced process than the model predicts. Comparing the ~80% typical QE for UV-optimised CCDs at 385 nm with the 45% QE measured at 120 eV in this study, there is a discrepancy in QE for two photon energies with the same absorption length measured on CCDs from the same back-thinning process (one type with AR coating, one type without).

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