Studies of ansa-bis(cyclopentadienyl)tungsten derivatives

Conway, Stephen L. J.; Dijkstra, Tessa; Doerrer, Linda H.; Green, Jennifer C.; Green, Malcolm L. H. and Stephens, Adam H. H. (1998). Studies of ansa-bis(cyclopentadienyl)tungsten derivatives. Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions(16) pp. 2689–2696.



The new compounds [W{(η-C5H4)X(η-C5H4)}Cl2] 1, [W{(η-C5H4)X(η-C5H4)}Me2] 2, [W{(η-C5H4)SiMe2(η-C5H4)}(SPh)2] 3, [W{(η-C5H4)X(η-C5H4)}H(Cl)] 4, [W{(η-C5H4)X(η-C5H4)}H2] 5 and [W{(η-C5H4)X(η-C5H4)}H3]+Y– 6, where X = SiMe2, SiEt2 or CMe2CMe2, and Y = BF4 or Cl, have been prepared. The crystal structures of [W{(η-C5H4)X(η-C5H4)}Me2] (X = SiMe2 or CMe2CMe2) have been determined.

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