Laboratory studies of astrophysical molecules: a new UCL apparatus

Dawes, A.; Mason, N.J.; Tegeder, P. and Holtom, P. (2005). Laboratory studies of astrophysical molecules: a new UCL apparatus. In: Whelan, C.T. and Mason, N.J. eds. Electron scattering: from atoms, molecules, nuclei and bulk matter. Physics of atoms and molecules. Springer, pp. 329–340.



Topics that are covered include electron scattering in the scanning TEM; basic theory of inelastic electron imaging; study of confined atoms by electron excitation; helium bubbles created in extreme pressure with application to nuclear safety; lithium ion implantation; electron and positron scattering from clusters; electron scattering from physi- and chemi-absorbed molecules on surfaces; coincidence studies; electron scattering from biological molecules; electron spectroscopy as a tool for environmental science; electron scattering in the presence of intense fields; electron scattering from astrophysical molecules; electon interatctions an detection of x-ray radiation.

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