School inspectors, policy implementers, policy shapers: influences and activities

Baxter, Jacqueline (2017). School inspectors, policy implementers, policy shapers: influences and activities. In: Baxter, Jacqueline ed. School Inspectors: Policy Implementers, Policy Shapers in National Policy Contexts. Accountability and Educational Improvement. London: Springer, pp. 259–275.



This chapter introduces the idea of school inspectors as implementers of public policy, framing their role within the context of policy implementation and the governance of education. Using a framework for policy implementation developed by Weible and Sabatier (2006), it presents a modified framework for inves-tigating inspectors’ work and practices as policy implementers. In so doing it questions their role as policy shapers and policy coalition workers in the context of the practice of inspection in Finland, Sweden, England, Germany, The German State of Lower Saxony, The Netherlands, The Republic of Ireland and The Austrian province of Styria. In introducing the idea of policy learning it introduces the ways in which policy learning theory has contributed to implementation theory, in order to further reflect on these issues in the final chapter of this book.

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