Electron scattering from atoms, molecules, nuclei and bulk matter

Whelan, Colm T. and Mason, Nigel J. eds. (2005). Electron scattering from atoms, molecules, nuclei and bulk matter. Physics of Atoms and Molecules. Springer.

URL: http://www.springer.com/west/home/physics?SGWID=4-...


Topics that are covered include electron scattering in the scanning TEM; basic theory of inelastic electron imaging; study of confined atoms by electron excitation; helium bubbles created in extreme pressure with application to nuclear safety; lithium ion implantation; electron and positron scattering from clusters; electron scattering from physi- and chemi-absorbed molecules on surfaces; coincidence studies; electron scattering from biological molecules; electron spectroscopy as a tool for environmental science; electron scattering in the presence of intense fields; electron scattering from astrophysical molecules; electon interatctions an detection of x-ray radiation.

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