Attitudes to and perceptions of research

Vossler, Andreas and Moller, Naomi (2014). Attitudes to and perceptions of research. In: Vossler, Andreas and Moller, Naomi eds. The Counselling and Psychotherapy Research Handbook. Sage, pp. 17–30.



Ambivalences and uncertainties towards research are common amongst practitioners in counselling and psychotherapy. The chapter speaks directly to these concerns and suspicions and encourages the reader to reflect on their images of and fantasies about research. It discusses the role of research in our culture/society and the ways research is used in counselling and psychotherapy. It also looks at the range of social, personal and professional meanings that are associated with research, and possible reactions of research participants (clients, therapists) when asked to participate in research. Experiential and reflexive questions/exercises are utilized to engage the reader and reinforce their learning. By providing a broader perspective, the chapter helps to de-mystify counselling and psychotherapy research and to demonstrate the potential and challenges of research for practice and training.

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