Media and crime

Jewkes, Yvonne (2004). Media and crime. Key Approaches to Criminology. London, UK: Sage.



Media and Crime is an accessible text with a strong pedagogic purpose, making it an ideal introduction to the study of crime and the mass media for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The author interrogates the most important literature in the field as well as moving the debates forward with new ideas and values.
Substantive topics of current interest are covered, including:
• news reporting of crime
• media constructions of children and women as victims and offenders
• moral panics over paedophiles
• the relationship between the media and the police
• ‘reality’ crime shows
• surveillance and social control
• new media.
Chapter overviews, key terms, study questions and suggestions for further reading map the key issues in this vital and topical area of debate. The book is essential reading for students in a wide range of academic fields including criminology, media studies, sociology, gender studies and psychology.

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