Financing of churches and religious societies in England

Newcombe, Suzanne and Barker, Eileen (2010). Financing of churches and religious societies in England. In: Moravčíková, Michaela and Valová, Eleonóra eds. Financing of Churches and Religious Societies in the 21st Century. Bratislava, Slovakia: Institute for State-Church Relations, pp. 29–52.


Perhaps the most important point to make about the financing of religions in England is that none is directly funded by the state. All religions, including the Church of England, which has been ‘by law established’ since 1559, have to find and manage their own income. That said, however, there are ways in which the state may contribute to the financial situation of the wide diversity of religions and spiritual groupings that coexist in the country, the most obvious way being through tax exemptions for those that are registered as charities. Further aid comes from the state in such forms as contributions towards the running of religious schools, hospitals and other ‘worthy causes’.

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