Inspection and emotion: the role of affective governing

Grek, Sotiria; Lindgren, Joakim and Clarke, John (2014). Inspection and emotion: the role of affective governing. In: Grek, Sotiria and Lindgren, Joakim eds. Governing by Inspection. Studies in European Education. London: Routledge, pp. 116–136.



This chapter examines the work of inspection (how it works but also what kind of work it produces) in schools in an attempt to understand inspection as governing. Elsewhere in the book, we explained what we understand the notion of governing entails, and why it is preferable to other "govern-" terms (such as governance or governmentality). We suggested that we treat inspection as a mode of governing, composed of assemblages of apparatuses, processes and practices, rather than merely institutions, discourses or strategies (see also Newman and Clarke 2009). We explained that for us, governing is more helpful in that it points to practices and conditions that were once identified with the state but cannot be explained as such anymore.

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