Extending Science lessons with Virtual Reality

Minocha, Shailey; Tudor, Ana-Despina; Tilling, Steve and Needham, Richard (2016). Extending Science lessons with Virtual Reality. In: ASE (The Association for Science Education, UK) Northern Conference 2016, 19 Nov 2016, Sheffield Institute of Education.

URL: http://www.ase.org.uk/ase-regions/yorkshire/events...


The Open University, Field Studies Council and Association for Science Education are conducting research into the use of Google Expeditions and other virtual reality tools to a) augment and extend field work experiences; and b) as an additional tool in the classrooms along with resources such as videos, photographs.

The following aspects were discussed in this workshop:

Does the virtual reality technology improve student engagement, and what are the implications for teachers?

Think of one of the difficult concepts in Science: How could Google Expeditions (or Virtual Reality, in general) help you to teach that concept?

How would you use Google Expeditions to encourage inquiry-based learning?

What are the challenges that you would face in integrating Google Expeditions in your curriculum?

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