Prácticas curatoriales en el arte: el caso de la danza

Álvarez Puente, Inma (2016). Prácticas curatoriales en el arte: el caso de la danza. In: La investigación en Danza (Soprano Manzo, Virginia and Giménez Morte, Carmen eds.), Mahali, Valencia, pp. 79–93.


Traditionally, the concept of art curation has been used to refer exclusively to the visual arts and curation has taken place mainly in the form of a museum exhibition. This situation has promoted the care of tangible art and excluded ephemeral arts such as dance. From a systematic questioning of curatorial theory and the documentation of artistic curation, this investigation examines different curatorial traditions in the arts and reveals that the performative arts have carried out their own conservation and exhibition activities outside the curatorial discourse. However, we also found that in the 21st century, the concept of curation is expanded and redefined, allowing dance studies a new perspective from which to articulate and value the ways in which dance is preserved, interpreted, selected and performed.

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