A search for the optical counterpart of SAX J1805.5-2031

Powell, C.R.; Norton, A.J.; Haswell, C.A. and Hodgkin, S.T. (2002). A search for the optical counterpart of SAX J1805.5-2031. Astronomer's Telegram.

URL: http://www.astronomerstelegram.org/?read=84


The X-ray transient SAX J1805.5-2031 was reported in IAUC # 7843 on 6 March 2002, with R.A. = 18h05m34s, Decl. = -20o30'.8 (equinox 2000), uncertainty 1'.8. We took CCD photometry of this region in R, V, and B on 2002 March 8 around 06:00 UT, and March 9 between 05:20 and 06:30 UT, with the Jacobus Kaptyn Telescope. No objects were significantly brighter than they appeared on the Digitized Sky Survey.

Reliable differential photometry was derived for 503 stars in the three bands. No significant variability was detected between the two nights in either B or R. A plot of B-V against R magnitudes failed to reveal any anomalously blue candidates, and none of the red outliers gave indication of variability.

An image of the field and B, V, and R magnitudes of the 503 stars are available at http://physics.open.ac.uk/~crpowell/J18055-2031.html.

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