Students enabling TEL innovation: a pilot

Vince, David and Ellis, Elizabeth (2016). Students enabling TEL innovation: a pilot. The Open University.


The Open University has an established, methodology for the pedagogic design and mapping of modules (called OU Learning Design). Rienties and Toetenal (2016) found that module learning design influenced learner satisfaction and academic retention. More recently, curriculum development has been complemented with learner analytics data. These large data sets when combined with Learning Design allows the OU to take a sophisticated, multivariate analytics approach to curriculum development.

The OU’s current approach to curriculum development – although student centred – is curriculum-led. This paper discusses the augmentation of functional, curriculum-led, design approaches with student-led approaches designed to enhance the learning experience. Preliminary findings from a collaborative staff–student hack day suggest that the experience provided staff with a deeper empathetic understanding of real-world student experience. New, and more scalable, forms of student engagement in the upstream design and development of curricula are now underway at The Open University.

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