Our shrinking ozone layer: global perspectives and remedial measures

Pathak, Shashi K. and Mason, Nigel J. (2002). Our shrinking ozone layer: global perspectives and remedial measures. Reasonance Journal of Science Education, 7 pp. 71–80.

URL: http://www.ias.ac.in/resonance/Dec2002/Dec2002p71-...


Depletion of the Earth’s ozone layer is one of the major environmental concerns for the new millennium having serious implications on human health, agriculture and climate. In the past decades, research by the international scientific community has been directed towards understanding the impact of human interference on the Earth’s atmosphere. The importance of ozone radiation absorption in the atmosphere and the general kinetics of the stratospheric ozone depletion mechanisms have motivated many theoretical and experimental studies on various chemical species. The distribution of ozone and other trace gases in the atmosphere is governed by the complex interaction of dynamical, chemical and radiative processes. This article concentrates on the basic concepts underlying the problems that may be faced by humankind due to reduction in the ozone layer in coming decades, and the ways in which the scientific community can contribute to predicting and remediating these effects through design of international treaties, regulations and amendments.

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