‘We didn’t depend on anybody’

Ingham, Nigel and Winder, Irene (2005). ‘We didn’t depend on anybody’. In: Rolph, Sheena; Atkinson, Dorothy; Nind, Melanie and Welshman, John eds. Witnesses to Change: Families, Learning Difficulties and History. Kidderminster: BILD, pp. 181–191.

URL: http://www.bild.org.uk/our-services/books/peoples-...


This is Mrs Irene Winder's story about bringing up her son Raymond, born in 1960 on the Marsh Housing Estate in Lancaster. Irene herself grew up here in the 1930s, having a difficult home life, including times in the workhouse; her parents separating; and then, aged seven or eight, being sent away to the institution of King's Heath Residential School, which she recalls as being in Birmingham 14. This followed negative primary schooling experiences in Lancaster. Irene remembered: "They shoved me to one side ... There was too many in a class. If you couldn't do what they wanted to do that was it, your face didn't fit. So I used to get bad-tempered and that's where I went wrong, you see. They didn't give me a chance." Irene is currently trying to establish why she was sent away to Birmingham, and the exact location of the institution. Returning to the Marsh Estate, Lancaster, at the age of 16, and having to live with her father rather than her mother, she was under local authority supervision until she was 21, at which point she married and started to raise her own family.

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