JuxtaLearn DELIVERABLE Report D3.5 Service scenario documentation

Hartnett, Elizabeth and Adams, Anne (2016). JuxtaLearn DELIVERABLE Report D3.5 Service scenario documentation. The Open University.


The purpose of Deliverable 3.5 is to provide guidelines to creating juxtaposed performance, particularly to advise non-drama teachers on what to do and how to manage performance in stage 3 of the JuxtaLearn process. Building on pedagogies of threshold concepts and juxtaposed learning, it explains the performance steps, orchestrating learning through participative video making and story making with peers. It provides guidance for teachers, offering resources that include suggested lesson plans and example timings.
Thus, in the absence of a shared touchable with JuxtaLearn software, it suggests a practical additional and alternative to using the software of WP4 touch table.

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