Scoping Carer Research

Larkin, Mary (2016). Scoping Carer Research. In: 4th International Conference on Evidence-based Policy in Long-term Care, 4-7 Sep 2016, London School of Economics.



There is now a wealth of national and international material and research about carers, However, this body of research is currently fragmented and lacks accessibility and utility, rendering finding information about carer research problematic and impeding its capacity to reliably inform future research. The subject of this paper is a scoping review which will –for the first time – provide a comprehensive overview of existing carer-related research and evidence. This 10 month review, which started in March 2016, aims to scope, capture, organise and synthesise existing national and relevant international carer-related evidence and knowledge.

In addition to outlining this unique and timely project, this paper provides a reflection on the methodology and analysis along with some of the interim outcomes and their implications.

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