UVA Assisted 4-Thiothymidine for Cancer Treatment

Ge, Jiang; Feng, Luo; Yaozhong, Xu and Xiaohui, Zhang (2016). UVA Assisted 4-Thiothymidine for Cancer Treatment. Progress in Chemistry, 28(8) pp. 1224–1237.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.7536/PC151137

URL: http://www.progchem.ac.cn/EN/10.7536/PC151137


This article reviews the developments of 4-thiothymidine analogues, assisted with UVA light, as a novel cancer therapy. First, the key points on synthetic chemistry, photochemistry and cellular toxicity of 4-thiothymidine are summarized. As the chemical structure of 4-thiothymidine is very similar to that of its parent thymidine, thus 4-thiothymidine can be readily incorporated into cellular DNA, and with the help of thymidine kinase, much more preferably into cancerous DNA. Unlike thymidine, 4-thiothymdine can absorb strongly in UVA (longer wavelengths of UV) light. Thus UVA-assisted 4-thiothymidine offers an effective cancer treatment. Some underlying mechanisms of action by 4-thiothymidine/UVA and compares this cancer approach with the commonly used photodynamic therapy are discussed. The various interactions between 4-thiothymidine with human serum albumin are introduced. Finally, a short conclusion on the past efforts and a brief prospect for future work in this exciting research field are given.

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