Homelessness and Victimisation

Cooper, Victoria (2016). Homelessness and Victimisation. In: Corteen, Karen; Morley, Sharon; Taylor, Paul and Turner, Jo eds. A Companion to Crime, Harm and Victimisation. Bristol: Policy Press, pp. 95–97.

URL: http://policypress.co.uk/a-companion-to-crime-harm...


What is officially known about the victimisation of hard-to-reach and marginal groups whose lives are conditioned by and structured around primary, secondary and multiple experiences of victimisation is inaccurate and incomplete. In criminal justice policy and in broader social policy, homelessness is governed and administered by local authority agencies and service providers as a "criminogenic situation", where "participation in crime increases with homelessness" (McCarthy and Hagan, 1991, p. 397). consequently, these dominant policy discourses concentrate their attention on homeless populations as perpetrators of crime, rather than as victims of crime.

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