A simplified model of the Martian atmosphere - Part 1: a diagnostic analysis

Whitehouse, S.G.; Lewis, S.R.; Moroz, I.M. and Read, P.L. (2005). A simplified model of the Martian atmosphere - Part 1: a diagnostic analysis. Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, 12(5) pp. 603–623.

URL: http://www.copernicus.org/EGU/npg/12/5/603.htm


In this paper we derive a reduced-order approximation to the vertical and horizontal structure of a simplified model of the baroclinically unstable Martian atmosphere. The original model uses the full hydrostatic primitive equations on a sphere, but has only highly simplified schemes to represent the detailed physics of the Martian atmosphere, e.g. forcing towards a plausible zonal mean temperature state using Newtonian cooling. Three different norms are used to monitor energy conversion processes in the model and are then compared. When four vertical modes (the barotropic and first three baroclinic modes) are retained in the reduced-order approximation, the correlation norm captures approximately 90% of the variance, while the kinetic energy and total energy norms capture approximately 83% and 78% of the kinetic and total energy respectively. We show that the leading order Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD) modes represent the dominant travelling waves in the baroclinically-unstable, winter hemisphere. In part 2 of our study we will develop a hierarchy of truncated POD-Galerkin expansions of the model equations using up to four vertical modes.

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