Pronto, chi parla? (Hello, who is it?): telephone as artefacts and communication media in children’s discourses

Gillen, Julia; Accorti-Gamannossi, B. and Cameron, C. A. (2004). Pronto, chi parla? (Hello, who is it?): telephone as artefacts and communication media in children’s discourses. In: Marsh, Jackie ed. Popular Culture, Media and Digital Literacies in Early Childhood. Routledge Falmer, p. 146.



This book offers a range of perspectives on children's multimodal experiences, providing a ground-breaking account of the ways in which children engage with popular culture, media and digital literacy practices from their earliest years. Many young children have extensive experience of film, television, printed media, computer games, mobile phones and the Internet from birth, yet their reaction to media texts is rarely acknowledged in the national curricula of any country.
This seminal text focuses on children from birth to eight years, addressing issues such as:
* media and identity construction
* media literacy practices in the home
* the changing nature of literacy in technologically advanced societies
* The place of popular and media texts in children's lives and the use of such texts in the curriculum.
By exploring children's engagement with popular culture, media and digital texts in the home, community and early years settings, the contributors look at empirical studies from around the world, and draw out vital new theoretical issues relating to children's emergent techno-literacy practices.
With an unmatchable team of international experts evaluating topics from text-messaging to the Teletubbies, this book is a long-overdue, fascinating and illuminating read for policy-makers, educational researchers and practitioners, and crosses over to appeal to those in the linguistics field.

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