A family of double-bowl pseudo metallocalix[6]arene discs

Meally, Seán T.; McDonald, Cecelia; Karotsis, Georgios; Papaefstathiou, Giannis S.; Brechin, Euan K.; Dunne, Peter W.; McArdle, Patrick; Power, Nicholas P. and Jones, Leigh F. (2010). A family of double-bowl pseudo metallocalix[6]arene discs. Dalton Transactions, 39(20) pp. 4809–4816.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1039/B926704B


We report the synthesis and magnetic characterisation of a series of planar [M7] (M = NiII, ZnII) disc complexes [Ni7(OH)6(L1)6](NO3)2 (1), [Ni7(OH)6(L1)6](NO3)2·2MeOH (2), [Ni7(OH)6(L1)6](NO3)2·3MeNO2 (3), [Ni7(OH)6(L2)6](NO3)2·2MeCN (4), [Zn7(OH)6(L1)6](NO3)2·2MeOH·H2O (5) and [Zn7(OH)6(L1)6](NO3)2·3MeNO2 (6) (where HL1 = 2-iminomethyl-6-methoxy-phenol, HL2 = 2-iminomethyl-4-bromo-6-methoxy-phenol). Each member exhibits a double-bowl pseudo metallocalix[6]arene topology whereby the individual [M7] units form molecular host cavities which are able to accommodate various guest molecules (MeCN, MeNO2 and MeOH). Magnetic susceptibility measurements carried out on complexes 1 and 4 indicate weak exchange between the NiII centres.

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