Modelling of phase separation under electropulsing processing

Qin, Rongshan (2016). Modelling of phase separation under electropulsing processing. In: THERMEC 2016, 29 May - 3 Jun 2016, Graz, Australia.


Phases in a material may be separated by utilizing differences in their electrical conductivities. Such processes usually involve the application of external magnetic field to the sample. This work has identified the existence of a driving force that is caused only by an electric current in materials. The force drives the low conductive electrically neutral inclusions toward the lateral surface of the metal matrix. The properties of the force are different to those of the known electromagnetic forces. Three zones namely the pushing zone, trapping zone and expelling zone are notable for the electric-current-driven inclusion transport. An analytical expression for the force at the pushing zone has been developed. The theoretical prediction has been verified by the experimental observations on the current-driven redistribution of MnS particles in liquid steel.

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