Multiple sclerosis: Pregnancy and motherhood

Anderson, J. and Wallace, L. (2013). Multiple sclerosis: Pregnancy and motherhood. Practising Midwife, 16(6) pp. 28–31.



Although at any time in the UK there are about 20,000 women with multiple sclerosis (MS) who may be considering having children, very little is known about their experiences or about those who have had children after the onset of disease. Using semi structured interviews, we explored the childbearing experiences of nine women with MS in order to better understand their expectations, needs and concerns associated with pregnancy, childbirth and mothering. A major concern for women with MS was theirs and their babies' health and future wellbeing, especially how pregnancy can impact their long term MS prognosis and how the condition would affect their ability to look after the baby. In conclusion we suggest that midwives with special interests in MS could be a key source of information and ongoing support.

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