Women Make Noise: Girl bands from Motown to modern

Downes, Julia ed. (2012). Women Make Noise: Girl bands from Motown to modern. London: Supernova Books.

URL: http://supernovabooks.co.uk/products-page/product-...


As more and more female solo artists hit the mainstream the question arises: where are the girl bands? Why aren't they getting the attention they deserve? While the media continues to ignore them, in Women Make Noise Julia Downes invites musicians, promoters and high profile artists to discuss their favourite girl bands: not the type who sing along to backing tracks: the real musicians, who can actually play their instruments. Including interviews with classic punk groups like The Raincoats and The Slits, as well as household names like Bjork and Beth Ditto, this timely celebration of the best female bands will show magazines like NME that ignoring girl bands is a major oversight.

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