Rouhani positions Iran as a vital partner against Islamic State

Wastnidge, Edward (2014). Rouhani positions Iran as a vital partner against Islamic State. The Conversation.



With instability plaguing the Middle East since the emergence of Islamic State (IS), Iran is once again faced with spiralling instability and Western military interventions just across its border. It also finds itself running out of time in crucial nuclear weapons negotiations, with only weeks to go before the deadline to strike a deal.

For those looming reasons, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly on September 25 was priority listening for world leaders rapidly getting embroiled in the conflict in Iraq and Syria.

In the end, what he chose to do was to project both an independent and moderate Iranian persona – and also to try and soothe the disquiet from elements within Iran who are increasingly furious at the US-led mission against IS.

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