Die Ikonografie der Commedia dell'arte bis 1750

Katritzky, M. A. (2016). Die Ikonografie der Commedia dell'arte bis 1750. In: Sommer-Mathis, Andrea; Franke, Daniela and Risatti, Rudi eds. Spettacolo barocco! Triumph des Theaters. Vienna: KHM-Museumsband, Theatermuseum Wien & Michael Imhoff Verlag, pp. 82–97.


Considers the iconography of the commedia dell’arte from its late 16th century beginnings to the mid-18th century. Particular attention is paid to the important role of Imperial festival culture and court patronage, in the rise of the commedia dell’arte and its images in the German-speaking lands. The 22 reproductions draw heavily on the holdings of the Theatermuseum Wien and other Austrian collections, and include highly significant, rarely reproduced images.

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