Pianists and the European music trade c. 1790-1820

Rowland, David (2015). Pianists and the European music trade c. 1790-1820. In: Sala, Massimiliano ed. Piano culture in 19th-century Paris. Turnhout: Brepols, pp. 17–26.


The chapter investigates the factors that shaped the European music trade during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic eras and beyond. It discusses trade restrictions on the movement of goods such as pianos and the models of production and trade used by piano firms such as Clementi, Pleyel and Erard. The chapter also investigates the impact of the wars on the circulation of music. While the intellectual property that was contained in a musical score was not subject to the same restrictions as physical goods, the effect of worsening communications hampered the efforts of composers and publishers alike to publish music internationally. After 1815 conditions once again became more favourable.

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