Nineteenth-century pianists and Baroque music

Rowland, David (2014). Nineteenth-century pianists and Baroque music. Musurgia. Analyse et pratique musicales, 21(1-2) pp. 79–90.


The article examines the Baroque repertoire available to nineteenth-century pianists by looking at piano tutors as well as published music editions and concludes that only a small proportion of music by Bach, Hadel and Scarlatti was available, along with a small amount of music by some other (predominantly) German and Italian composers. Only a handful of pieces by Francois Couperin and Rameau were available before the 1840s.
Some editors of this repertoire took a surprisingly modern approach by including very few additional performance markings (Clementi), or by distinguishing between their own text and the composer's (Kollmann), but later nineteenth century editors, led by figures such as Czerny, were more interventionist in their approach.

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