Development and Evaluation of a Novel Intranasal Spray for the Delivery of Amantadine

Lungare, Shital; Bowen, James and Badhan, Raj (2016). Development and Evaluation of a Novel Intranasal Spray for the Delivery of Amantadine. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 105(3) pp. 1209–1220.




The aim of this study was to develop and characterise an intranasal delivery system for amantadine (AMT). Optimal formulations (F) consisted of a thermosensitive polymer Pluronic® 127 (P127) and either carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC) or chitosan (CS) which demonstrated gel-transition at nasal cavity temperatures (34 °C ± 1 °C). Rheologically, the loss tangent (Tan δ) confirmed a three-stage gelation phenomena at 34 °C ± 1 °C and non-Newtonian behaviour. Storage of FCMC and FCS at 4 °C for 8 weeks resulted in repeatable release profiles at 34 °C when sampled, with a Fickian mechanism earlier on but moving towards anomalous transport by week 8. Polymers (P127, CMC and CS) demonstrated no significant cellular toxicity to human nasal epithelial cells up to 4 mg/mL and up to 1 mM for AMT (IC50: 4.5 mM ± 0.05 mM). FCMC and FCS demonstrated slower release across an in-vitro human nasal airway model (43-44 % vs 79 % ± 4.58 % for AMT). Using a human nasal cast model, deposition into the olfactory regions (potential nose-to-brain) was demonstrated upon nozzle insertion (5 mm) whereas tilting of the head forward (15°) resulted in greater deposition in the bulk of the nasal cavity.

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