Enablingstaff@OU – Supporting Integration In The Workplace

Robson, Linda (2014). Enablingstaff@OU – Supporting Integration In The Workplace. SDF Digest: A Practitioner Journal for HE Staff Development(2) pp. 64–67.

URL: http://sdf.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/2-11-r...


EnablingStaff@OU is a new staff network at the Open University (OU) which was launched in July 2014. The remit of the new network is to improve integration of disabled staff within the institution. This will be achieved by working with all staff to improve knowledge and understanding of disability and reasonable adjustment, alongside promoting recognition of the value of every individual within the workplace.

This article aims to guide you through why and how we set up the network, and to help you consider if it is something you might do within your own institution or organisation.

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