Exploring teachers' subject knowledge for teaching English.

Chamberlain, Liz; Flynn, Naomi and Daniel, Alastair (2014). Exploring teachers' subject knowledge for teaching English. In: UKLA International Conference. 50 Years of Literacy: Continuity and Change, 4-6 Jul 2014, Brighton.


Paper 2: Children’s writing practices within and across the domains of home and school

Children engage in writing practices beyond classroom boundaries, yet they perceive their out-of-school based writing as differently positioned and differently valued by their teachers. The new English national curriculum, presents writing firstly through its transcriptional elements, leading to a danger that what children bring to their writing lessons both in terms of their ideas for, and knowledge about the writing process will diminish. This part of the symposium will share how three primary-aged children respond to the changes in their teachers’ practice through their reflections and insights about the types of writing they engage with at home. Through conversations and writing examples, the children show themselves to be experienced in mastering a range of writing techniques and employing them across both domains of home and school, often unbeknownst to their teachers.

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