Modeling the martian atmosphere with the LMD global climate model

Millour, Ehouarn; Forget, Francois; Spiga, Aymeric; Navarro, Thomas; Madeleine, Jean-Baptiste; Pottier, Alizee; Montabone, Luca; Kerber, Laura; Lefèvre, Franck; Chaufray, Jean-Yves; López-Valverde, Miguel; González-Galindo, Francisco; Lewis, Stephen; MCD/GCM team; Millour, E.; Forget, F.; Spiga, A.; Montabone, L; Colaitis, A.; Navarro, T.; Lebonnois, S.; Madeleine, J.-B.; Meslin, P.-Y.; Chauffray, J.-Y.; Lefèvre, F.; Montmessin, F.; González-Galindo, F.; Lopez-Valverde, A.; Gilli, G.; Lewis, S. R.; Read, P. L.; Desjean, M.-C. and Huot, J.-P. (2014). Modeling the martian atmosphere with the LMD global climate model. In: COSPAR Information Bulletin, article no. C3.3-0005-14.



Our Global Climate Model (GCM) of the Martian atmosphere is the result of twenty years of ongoing collaboration between our teams and has matured to the point of enabling to study the main cycles (dust, CO2, water) of present-day and past Martian climates.
At the 2014 scientific assembly, we will report on the latest developments and improvements of our GCM, and also present the latest version of the Mars Climate Database (version 5.1) that is derived from GCM outputs, along with comparisons with available measurements (from TES, MCS, Viking, Phoenix, Curiosity, etc.).

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