Towards an understanding of bereavement in the pathway to suicide

Mallon, Sharon and Galway, Karen (2015). Towards an understanding of bereavement in the pathway to suicide. Northern Ireland Assembly.




Key Points
1. Suicide bereavement is associated with increased depression and risk of suicide. The increasing rate of suicide in Northern Ireland presents a major challenge to health and social care policy.
2. To date policy development on the topic has been hampered by a lack of local evidence. Contextually specific research reports are now emerging to strengthen the evidence-base.
3. The findings from our own study suggest that people bereaved by suicide include extended family members and members of the wider community, who can experience lengthy periods of depression and anxiety.
4. Bereaved family members and significant others, may require more nuanced, multi-dimensional interventions, provided over extended periods of time, in order to facilitate varied and complex grief processes.
5. A focus on empowerment, education and information may provide results that are as effective as increasing access to psychological services – these approaches should exist in tandem

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