Challenge 4. Human Values

Maciel, Cristiano; Hornung, Heiko H.; Piccolo, Lara G. S.; Prates, Raquel O. and Pereira, Vinicius (2015). Challenge 4. Human Values. In: Baranauskas, Cecilia; de Souza, Clarisse and Pereira, Roberto eds. I GranDIHC-BR - Grand Research. Challenges in Human-Computer Interaction in Brazil. Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil: Brazilian Computer Society | SBC, pp. 28–30.



The presence of technology is growing in all aspects of life, often meeting the needs of a practical and/or immediate nature. This evermore expressive presence places into question the need for greater understanding of the theoretical horizons in order to provide direction for technological development.

In Brazil, socio-economic development catalyzes the penetration of technology into a large variety of spheres as it increasingly provides access for a greater number of people to technological goods. The yearning for new technology and the rapid production of innovation might result in ignoring or giving less value to human aspects, which involve a number of values in technology development and use, during system conception and design. Furthermore, users might not be completely aware of the objectives and possible individual or social risks and impacts of technology use.

Since the Web is becoming ever more social, such issues must be considered by technology researchers and developers. Thus, as central issues on the challenge of Human Values, the aspects of ethics, privacy and digital legacy stand out.

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