Tech Dandy, and the Art of Leisure Learning

de Waard, Inge (2015). Tech Dandy, and the Art of Leisure Learning. In: Hopkins, David ed. The Really Useful #EdTechBook. Warwick: David Hopkins, pp. 187–197.



In this technology driven world people are often referred to as geeks, nerds, academics, or any type of description pointing towards a dry, rather rational personality. Now it is time to reveal one of EdTech human resource secrets: the Tech Dandy. We - the in-crowd of the worldwide training web - can spot a Tech Dandy from afar. It is only logical, for we are Tech Dandy pioneers. Now it is time to share the Art of Leisure Learning with the world.

This chapter puts the Tech Dandy in the spotlight, and shares how to inspire other learners to become experienced Tech Dandies and learn at the speed of light while always looking cool, collected and calm. The Tech Dandy has a natural charm to him or her, and uses tech in a suave, organic way to satisfy an ever present learning desire. Leisure learning is a way of life, it is an Art. But becoming a charismatic leisure learner, a real Tech Dandy, demands intelligence, planning, digital skills, gallant communication, and most of all an in-depth understanding of apps.

Once you are a full-fledged Tech Dandy, it will be easy to put your own Leisure Learning practice into any training or online course design and optimize the world for your learners.

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