Self-Directed Learning in Trial FutureLearn courses

de Waard, Inge; Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes and Sharples, Mike (2015). Self-Directed Learning in Trial FutureLearn courses. In: Proceedings Papers, EMOOCS, pp. 234–243.



Self-Directed Learning (SDL) in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) is gaining interest, as online learning is increasingly learner-centred and autonomous. Most SDL research starts from the premise that SDL happens more frequently in connectivism MOOC (cMOOC) than in the more instructor-led MOOCs. In this study the authors look at SDL experiences from learners enrolled in two MOOC courses during the early trials of the FutureLearn platform. The meaning and experiences of the phenomenon of being enrolled as a learner in FutureLearn was gathered through various research instruments (online survey, learning logs, one-on-one interviews). The resulting data was collected pre-, during, and post- course. The key categories for each sub-question of the research are shared in the results and analysis section. This study concluded that SDL is indeed taking place in FutureLearn courses, which points towards SDL happening beyond the connectivist MOOCs.

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