Video representation as literature review: child sexual abuse in sport

Owton, Helen (2015). Video representation as literature review: child sexual abuse in sport. In: Qualitative Methods in Psychology, Sep 2015, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.



This paper is a video representation formulated from existing literature offering an arts-based approach to literature review in inquiry. Research videos seek to offer an alternative method for understanding the existing research and issues involved in the grooming process and sexual abuse in sport. By weaving, orchestrating and spacing visuals and music to explore a research topic, this type of arts-based approach created as art and inquiry is aimed at stimulating dialogue and is a powerful method to survey a current topic combining creative work and critical studies with individual expression and aesthetic reflection. This video representation assumes an attitude of persuasiveness and is intended to be a communicative tool for social justice to help us see things in new and unanticipated ways giving a voice to taboo topics that are often silenced.

Video as literature review:
Owton, H. (2013) Sexual abuse in sport. Available:

Other resources:
Owton, H. (2015). Learning from Bella’s story. Available:

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